January 22, 2004

When we got home after almost three weeks on the road, Abeeza responded by enthusiastically scratching everything in sight. First he went for the side of the blue couch, then the white one, and then he hopped up on the wicker table and had at it. We tried to pet him, but he wanted to go outside, and so out he went.

Ten minutes later, responding to a muffled meow at the door, Sam greeted Abeeza as he ran into the dining room… with a bird in his mouth.

Abeeza held the bird gingerly, so as not to hurt it. The poor Sparrow, frozen with fear, fluttered occasionally, losing feathers all over the place.

Sam and I dashed around the house opening doors and trying to usher the cat outside. Startled, Abeeza dropped the bird and it LUCKILY flew out of the door, whereupon Abeeza bounded after it like a gazelle.

In the end, everyone was happy. Abeeza brought us a present, we congratulated him and did our best to look thankful, and the bird lived happily ever after.

Now what to do with all these feathers…