April 13, 2004

What I Did at Work Today

I got inside a very large paper bag and made cat noises.

I dressed up like a giant worm and did deep-knee bends for twenty minutes.

I did a somersault inside a concertina.

I donned my prisoner's uniform, and broke out of jail as a raccoon.

I practiced jumping.

I pushed against an imaginary wall and pulled on an imaginary pipe for about an hour.

I sorted 178905,36509872w,3708,538.08563 screws into matching piles.

I got really good at sliding very long distances in my socks.

What I Did at Home Today

I made macaroni and cheese for dinner. It was still light out, and the neighborhood sounded like people on walks and coming home from work and dogs.

I had a long conversation with the cat through the window. Lately he's been spending a lot of time with one side of his lip stuck to the top of his tooth. It happens almost every time he yawns and it's totally hysterical.

I washed some dishes from last night. (Sam, Darius, and I made a great dinner, and Amelia, Justin, and Jay came to share it with us. Salad and manicotti and garlic bread and wine and then tea and apple pie and vanilla ice cream. Way fun.)

I listed to NPR with Sam. A very well-spoken professor from Princeton spoke about three common misconceptions among 60% of the American people:

1) Iraq and 9/11 are connected.
2) The US has found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
3) The world has a favorable opinion of the US and its recent dealings with Iraq.

I putzed around feeling restless. I am not very good at being idle. I tried to convince myself to take a shower, but I haven't been so into that lately. (Though I have managed to make myself bathe at least every other day. Just wanted to get that out there.)

I paid my taxes! I'm such a big kid! I have an accountant! I have enough money after taxes to get a Roth Ira! Yippee!

I received random assurances from Sam that he loves me not only when he is to my right, but also when he is on my left. Thank goodness. And he smells good. Thank goodness for that too.

I cuddled up with the cat and the Sammy, and read my book and until I fell asleep. OK, so I haven't gotten to that yet, but it's in the plans. Better get to it.