May 1, 2004

Today is my three year anniversary with Sam. More than a thousand days of long eyelashes and black tee shirts and soft touches and guitar serenades and stories from camp and St. Ann's and 8:00 shadow and silly songs and rides in the Jetta and sleepy mornings and trips to Ben & Jerry's. He's a great guy, that Sam. This has been a good three years.

I love special days. Sam had a big bouquet of flowers delivered to the theater (I blushed, which I very rarely do), and we went out for dinner at 3 Doors Down between the matinee and the evening show. Everyone was so nice to us, saying funny things like congratulations. It felt like it was our birthday. In a way, it kind of was.

The show opened last Thursday. Imago seats about 220 people, which is so different from our touring venues (averaging several hundred seats). The crowd is local and friendly, though, so they make up for their size in lots of laughs and applause. Because Danielle tore her ACL (please send her lots of happy, healing thoughts), I have taken on the Larva and am alternating with Jaime on the Baby Concertina. I am also in Raccoons, the piece Frogz is premiering for Biglittlethings. Needless to say, this makes my show quite a bit more challenging. I like the extra effort, though. By the end of the show, I look like I have just gotten out of a pool. I feel healthy and strong and flexible. Don't get me wrong, it will be really wonderful to have Danielle back in the cast (both because she is a super person and also an extremely talented performer), but the new roles will be fun to do for the summer run.

We perform six times a week – Thursday night, Friday night, and then two shows on both Saturday and Sunday. Whew. We also have school shows on a few Wednesdays and most Thursdays. I am definitely the most fit I have ever been in my life. It feels great. I'm glad the show is keeping me in shape, because I don't have much discipline when it comes to personal fitness.

(Admission: I have become a bit shameless lately. I keep flexing my muscles in the mirror. I'm like a pubescent boy. I also make people feel my thighs and poke my butt.)

I got a letter from Jonathan today, who I totally have a friend-crush on. I love mail. He even drew swirlies on the envelope. I think Jonathan is fantastic. He is energetic and inspired and fun. All of those Andy's kids are pretty amazing.

I also got a gingerbread man from a kindergarten in Massachusetts (forwarded by Bethany). They are doing a geography project, and have sent (construction paper) gingerbread men all over the country, with a request to send a postcard back to the kindergarten class and forward the gingerbread man to an out-of-state address. My postcard read:

Hello kids at the Rainbow Room! I had a great time with your gingerbread man here in Portland, Oregon. We rode our bikes over all of the bridges, and visited the rose gardens, which are all beginning to bloom. We also took a day trip to see the Pacific Ocean and Mount St. Helens. Thank you for sending me such fun company. When he left, the gingerbread man told me he was on his way to Nashville, Tennessee. He's one lucky gingerbread man. Cheers! kerry

Aliza will be receiving a great new friend any day now…

There's more to write, but I'm sleepy. Two more shows tomorrow, and then two days off. I'm going to an allergist. And I'm going to get custom-made orthotic Birks. Oh, I'm also going on another curtain crusade because the ones that came in the mail don't quite match with the living room. Let's hear it for random information. Oy, I'm tired…