May 4, 2004

I almost got trapped in my pants this morning. At first I thought it was kind of funny that my belt was stuck. When it was time to get out the hammer and the screwdriver, however, I got a little concerned. Sam mentioned later that I could have just cut the belt off if all else failed, but that actually didn't occur to me at the time. I was more involved with the little metal locking mechanism I didn't even think about the belt itself. Sometimes my lack of common sense astounds me.

I had a very productive morning, which included laundry, ironing the new curtains (victory at last!), starting my new book, cleaning out the hall closet, and voting. Oregon makes voting super easy by directly mailing a voter booklet and ballots to every registered voter. I did my homework by reading the booklet, checking out the local paper's endorsements, and going to all of the candidate's websites. I always go through a moral dilemma when I vote is it better to vote for the person I like and who has the most chance of winning, or should I vote for the person I really like, but who doesn't have much of a chance at all?

I went to the boys' house this afternoon, and fell in love all over again. The weather was questionable when I arrived and, after the hour it took for me to put on their socks and shoes and sweatshirts, it was raining. The three of us stood at the window (me standing of the floor, and the boys standing on the back of the couch) and talked about the rain. I asked them if they were up for a puddly walk and they responded by repeating my question in an abbreviated two-year-old kind of way (they are really just very cute parrots). I decided for all of us that not only was the weather not going to stop our adventure we would also not be bringing the stroller.

And so I put on the baby harnesses, clipping Eban to my belt, and Maydee to Eban. We were a happy side-by-side chain gang, kept together by bright blue nylon webbing. We all held hands, and set off for the park.

It didn't take me long to realize that we were never going to reach the park. How is there time for the park when there are a million billion treasures along the way? And so, instead of spending our afternoon on the see-saw or the swings, we collected pinecones and rocks, followed cats, helped the neighbor shovel dirt from his driveway, exuberantly splashed in puddles, and received full-facial-kisses from two different dogs. We made it seven blocks in an hour and a half and it was wonderful.

Maydee took this picture of Eban when we were hanging out in front of the house. Though the composition needs a little work, I think the framing is quite nice.

After big hugs and fervent waves from the window, I left the boys' house and went to get my hair cut and colored by my kickass hairdresser. He told me all about how he recently got into cosmotizing, which is making deceased people look nice for open-casket wakes and funerals. So, now I have awesome red hair and a pixie haircut, as well as some really weird stories about the secret lives of morticians.