May 6, 2004

We had a school show this morning at Imago, and then Sam and I ran some errands in the Northwest. I had to pick up the molds of my feet (mmm) from the podiatrist because he was trying to charge me way too much money for custom-made Birkenstocks. Then we went and returned curtains at Pottery Barn and ate some lunch at Kornblatt's deli.

When we got home I flopped onto my bed with my cell phone, all set to solve my Birkenstocks dilemma, when the cat jumped up next to me and nuzzled into my nose. I've always been a dog person, and so this cat thing is still quite new to me. Abeeza adopted us, not the other way around. Anyway, I was so taken with his show of affection that I put down my cell phone and cuddled with the cat until I fell sound asleep.

I woke up three-and-a-half hours later all sleepyhappy. But by the time we got back to the theater for the evening show, I was awake. The show is really so much easier when I am well rested.

We met with Jerry and Carol regarding our schedule next year. The most exciting gig so far is a week in West Palm Beach, Florida in November. The tour still has a lot of holes, which will hopefully fill up over the coming weeks. I'll post the list of dates and venues when it is a bit more complete.

The most exciting thing about our meeting today was that I discovered I will indeed be able to go to Cake's wedding. Hooray! I had told her that I probably wouldn't be able to make it, but I managed to work it out. I'll fly to New Hampshire on one day, go to the wedding the next, and fly back to Portland they day after that. I'm so excited.

When we were cooling down, Rex and Jaime spent some time flicking each other off in really creative ways, and I suddenly remembered riding in the back seat with Lucas when we were about eight years old. Lucas dared me to flick off the car behind us and I just giggled and he said "come on, we'll both do it" and then we did, we popped our heads up and gave this big tough-looking guy the bird and he was pissed and we squealed and ducked below the seat and Lucas' cool babysitter said, "all right, what did you monkies do this time?" And the guy followed us for a while and we were sure that it was curtains for us, but he eventually turned off the road and Lucas and I slumped against our seats and I put my hand to my forehead and said to Lucas, "you dummy."