May 9, 2004

Three conversations that made me laugh today…

Sam: (reading the side of a bus) The Troy Trojans. That's redundant.
Kerry: I bet their mascot is a big horse and all the football players jump out of it.
Sam: No, I'm sure their mascot is a guy with a sword and armor.
Kerry: What about the horse?
Sam: A Trojan is someone from Troy, not a horse.
Kerry: Well, it's still not redundant. It's just specific. Like, you could have a team called the Boston Bostonians.
Sam: Exactly. That would be terrible.
Kerry: No, because there could be people, say, who were raised in Boston, but who now live in Portland. They would be the Portland Bostonians.
Sam: Er…
Kerry: The Boston Bostonians isn't redundant. It just means "the people from Boston from Boston."
Sam: ……
Kerry: Oh. Yeah. Well when you put it like that…

Pat: There's an elephant at the zoo who likes to paint.
Kerry: What does he paint?
Pat: Abstracts, mostly.

Sam: (to the car door) All right, who's the person and who's the door here?