May 15, 2004

Kerry: Meep.
Sam: Hmm?
Kerry: Nothing. I was just trying to suppress something.
Sam: What were you trying to suppress?
Kerry: Nothing. If I told you it would defeat the purpose.
Sam: Oh come on.
Kerry: I can't. I was going to say something but then I decided not to.
Sam: OK.
Kerry: (whispering) Try harder…
Sam: What?
Kerry: (whispering) Try harder…
Sam: Oh! OK. Um, what were you going to say to me?
Kerry: I can't tell you! I'm trying to be good!
Sam: You don't want to tell me?
Kerry: I can't!
Sam: OK.
Kerry: (whispering) No, keep trying…
Sam: Oh please, Kerry, please tell me what you were going to say! I won't mind it, whatever it was! I'll happily do anything to help you! (whispering) How was that?
Kerry: (whispering) Good, that was good.
Sam: So…
Kerry: You want to wash my dishes?

* * * * *

(while driving up and over a steep hill)
Sam: Are you ready to launch into outer space?!
Kerry: *sigh*
Sam: Three, two, one, takeoff!
Kerry: I'm so depressed.
Sam: How can you be depressed?! We're hurtling through the cosmos!
Kerry: The display on my cell phone is broken.
Sam: We are seeing the great beyond for the first time, and you are thinking about your cell phone?!
Kerry: I think I'm going to have to get a new phone.
Sam: Kerry! Look at all of the stars and the planets!
Kerry: Will Verizon give me a new phone for free?
Sam: Whoa! Did you see that comet?
Kerry: Maybe I should switch cell service.
Sam: I love outer space.