July 8, 2004

Last night I had a dream that there were two kids (a boy and a girl I think) who had found a portal in their trailer home. One day, when no one else was around, they filled the kitchen sink until it overflowed onto the floor and created a giant pool in the narrow little room.

The girl, who was about fifteen years old, took out a fishing rod and cast the line into the water. The two kids looked at each other expectantly and then there was a tug at the line. The kids were nervous and excited and serious, and they slowly inhaled when a round, light blue buoy popped to the surface of the water. The girl took one last look at the boy and then jumped into the water, which was thousands of feet deep. She clung to the fishing line, which was attached to the buoy, which was in turn attached to an old rope.

The rope pulled the girl down and down, and I could see that a bright blue and yellow submarine was attached to the other end of the rope. I knew it would pull her down until she dropped out of the bottom of the ocean and into a different world. I also knew that the kids had been there before, and that they could visit but they couldn't stay.

The blue and yellow submarine pulled the girl deeper into the water, and she started having trouble holding her breath. She knew she would make it, but she also knew that it would take all of her energy to refrain from breathing in the water.

All of a sudden, Sam, who was asleep next to me, began gasping for air. I woke up instantly and soothed him, talking him back into a sleep of deep, even breaths.