August 3, 2004

I have two poems to share with you, but first, a public service announcement.


I am currently at camp, where there is such a thing as mail call, and do you know how many letters/ postcards I have received this summer? One!

Ordinarily I wouldn't care too much but, every day here at camp I sift through the mail of staff members whose last names begin with a PQRST and there is never anything for little old me. SO GET WRITING, MY FRIENDLIES!

And, since you should never get nothing for something (except of course for my absolute happiness), if you write me a good, old fashioned letter or postcard, I promise I will write you a very nice letter back. And then you'll get mail too! Hooray!

Also, I suppose I should mention that a certain person's birthday is coming up (ahem, August 13, ahem), and she would definitely appraciate lots of cash. Er, I mean candy. Or even just a hello would do (though lots of cash would be better). Right.

So this is me, where I am, until August 22:

Kerry Silva, Staff
Buck's Rock Camp
59 Buck's Rock Road
New Milford, CT

And now, as promised, some poems...


I am fucking adorable,
This cowboy from Montana.
Here is the rhythm of the morning,
Sand slipping through the canyon.

Just coming over that ridge
I think about my smile
And I remember the water,
Crackling from the ice box.

I am looking out for coyotes,
Smiling all the way to Missoula.

This is Before

I am between the candles
I am writing and not showing
I am remembering her in that bathing suit,
And I hear the wax melt.