November 18, 2004

Whenever I make a list in my head — groceries to get, things to do for the house, costumes that need repairing, whatever — I always (automatically) say the following list in my head:

frogz, lizards, baby concertina, strings, sloth, larva, penguins, paper

I say this list to make sure I have set all of my costumes and props before the show. The problem is that I say this list to myself even when I am trying to make other lists. What cities have we been through today? frogz, lizards… There was something I wanted to get at Target — what was it? frogz, lizards… What was the day of the week on the 10th? frogz, lizards…

Oddly enough, this is not a new thing. It is, in fact, just a new list. My old list, from high school, lasted well through college:

math, english, science, social studies, spanish

My homework list. What do I have to get done tonight? math, english, science…

Why does this happen? Does this infuriating phenomenon happen to anyone else?!

p.s. We're in Wayne, NJ. There is pretty much nothing to do in Wayne. When I asked someone if there was a fun way we could spend our day off around here, she said "well, you could walk along the highway…"