April 25, 2005

Today was first time acupuncture with a doofy granola guy named Mark who answered to a serious Chinese man who patted my hand and said "good chi." Tonight was Pastini and looking out the window at the slanting sunshine and feeling restless without knowing why. Days off do that to me sometimes. And then it was the movies with Sam and Annalise and boy do I love the movies, the plush carpeting the previews the screen so big it takes over my vision and brings me someplace different. Ben & Jerry's then, where I got mint chocolate chunk and chocolate fudge brownie and got all flurbly when Sam noticed that my whole back was purple because of the Chinese practice of cupping (basically an extended hickey to loosen tense muscles). Sometimes I have a hard time dealing with, you know, blood and stuff, and my neck gets so weak I think my head's gonna fall off. So I'm doing my best to ignore it now as I sit on our big comfy couch, the soft-light compact-fluorescents casting a warm and energy- efficient glow to our library, chock full of five people's books waiting for re-reading.