May 21, 2005

On Cinco de Mayo, the Portland-Guadalajara Sister Cities Association throws a big party on the waterfront, replete with ferris wheels and live music and cotton candy. We were admiring the fireworks demonstration from the picnic tables in front of Taco del Mar when a man biked up to us, looked at the bright explosions, and yelled, "The Mexicans are invading!" We laughed and he smiled and said, "They're totally gonna win. Look at that." Blam! Kaboom! "We're done for."

* * * * *

Last night Leah and I walked to the co-op to get some after-show snacks. As usual, Abeeza followed us in a secret, covert operation kind of way. His little white paws shone through the dark as he trotted under cars and hid behind telephone poles, only a few steps behind us. When we got to the curb, Abeeza made it clear that he was coming with us across the street.

While we putzed about the co-op, loading up with drinks and frozen food, Abeeza stood in the open door, meowing impatiently and nervously, rubbing his ears on a basket of bread. And then we all walked home together, the three of us.

Our cat totally took us on a walk.

When we got home, Sam stepped into the kitchen and said, "Wanna play a game?" Leah thought he said, "Wanna play Viking?" So we played Viking instead. It involved pretending we had horns on our head and rowing around.

* * * * *

Leah's here now, the new Froggy at Imago, straight from NYC. And she's great. Yesterday at Sloth rehearsal I watched as the cast ran through the piece, sans masks. The looks on their faces mirrored their ridiculous characters, and I couldn't stop laughing because I knew they make those faces underneath their masks, even though no one can see them. And I was suddenly filled with an overwhelming love for everyone there, my cohorts and co-workers. Things have changed recently since one person was let go and two different people were brought on board. Rehearsals are fun and silly. There's a whole lot of laughing and goofing around. And you know what? That's the way it should be. We are, afterall, jumping around as giant frogs for a living.