March 25, 2006

So it's 2:45 in the morning and I am wrapped up in my big white robe and wool socks and everything is wonderful except for the fact that I am not currently sleeping.

I am, like, really not sleeping, like anti-sleeping, like la la la look about the room and think, hmm, perhaps I might reorganize the kitchen or learn physics.

In the past four hours I have gotten ready for bed, finished my book, turned off the light, ho-hum, turned on the light, got out of bed, and fitzed about on the computer for like a billion years. I would probably be more productive if I were wearing pants. Or if I could see anything.

This morning the plane went whee whee whee all the way down to the runway, swashbuckling from side to side, making VERY LOUD NOISES. I think I squoze the life out of Sam's hand.

I have eaten an entire box of graham crackers in the last two hours.

Not only does my heart skip beats, but it also speeds up when I inhale and slows down when I exhale. I secretly love getting my pulse and blood pressure taken at the doctor's office because the fancy little machines have a hard time figuring out a heart that beats to its own drum. At my appointment today I actually crashed the machine. The screen read, "???????????" Seriously. I saw it.

My face is seven inches from the keyboard.

I like my roommates. Watching West Wing and Lost tonight, munching on chocolate and singing along with the theme songs, cuddling under the quilt on the couch it's home.

I was just looking at the cat and thinking about how cute he is, and then I realized I was looking at a sweater.

Maybe I'll go get some pants.

la la la