June 25, 2006

It is raining, a warm summer rain, and when I glance through the screened window of my little wooden bunk, everything is all mist and fog and glistening light. Water drips slowly, a drop a minute, onto the floor. I have placed my shoe there; the water collects in the heel. I have fifteen minutes to write before the dinner bell will ring and I'll join the rest of the staff in the dining hall for silly conversations, not- too-bad camp food, and excellent company.

Driving up the hill to camp last week it was as if we had never left. This is one of those rare places where I can pick up exactly where I left off without missing a beat. Hugs all around, excited greetings and quick catch-me-ups, and then I was flip-flopping down the leafy road, seamlessly shifting from one home to another.

Sam and I spent a week in New Hampshire and were graciously thrown two wedding showers, one by the Harrows and one by my mom. Marc, Leslie, and Nick came up from New York, which was excellent, and Sam and I were thoroughly spoiled with attention and gifts. When Monday rolled around, we packed up the Prius and made the trip to camp, to our new bunk (this one has a shower!!!), and to new friends and cherished old pals.

Camp makes me work hard, and be proud of the work I am doing. In the week I have been here I have been a whirlwind of gerunds, doing everything with gusto and intention. Something about this place inspires me to be a good person, to help others, to work hard, to sleep thoroughly.

The kids come on Wednesday, but for now I am enjoying the older company, the excited anticipation of the summer's adventures, the quiet at night when all are sleeping…