July 15, 2006

I came back to my bunk tonight, tired, hot, and overwhelmed by how much is going on these days, to see that I had two messages on my cell phone from the boys, who turned four a couple of months ago (!!!).

I can't stop smiling.

I am posting the messages as a way to remember how I felt before and how I felt after I listened to them.

Message #1

I love you!!! I love you!!!

Message #2

It beeped. Hi.
You can probably, uh, come over to have some pizza in a few days.

Um. And you should um and um you should come over and you should come over and not eat our stinky feet you should not come over to eat your stinky feet.

(abundant giggling)

And um you should come back to town some day and you should call us Stinky Feet. Bye!

Feet are stinky!

(belly laughter)