June 13, 2007

Nana: Before you sit down, have a nosh.
Sam: Nana, we're going out to lunch when Dad comes. We don't need a nosh.
Nana: Yes, you do. There's a wonderful melon there. Kerry, get some melon.
Kerry: Thanks, Nana, but I'm looking forward to lunch. Would you like me to get you some melon?
Nana: No. But get some for yourself.
Kerry: Okay…
Sam: How are you, Nana?
Nana: Are you sure you don't want some melon, Sam?
Sam: Nana, we're about to go out for lunch!
Nana: Okay. But I've got blueberry muffins too. Do you want a muffin?
Sam: No thank you, Nana.
Nana: Have a bite of Kerry's melon, Sam.
Kerry: whispered Do what she says, Sam.
Nana: It's so dry out. You need something to wet your throat.
Kerry: So, how are you doing, Nana?
Nana: I can't stand it when people come over and don't even have a drop of water.
Kerry: Well, this melon is delicious. Thank you.
Nana: Sam, look at you, you must be hungry.
Kerry: whispered Eat the melon, Sam.
Sam: Okay, okay, I'll have a bit. Yeesh.
Nana: Now, isn't that good melon? You want a blueberry muffin?
Sam: No, Nana.
Nana: Have a muffin.
Sam: No thank you, Nana.
Nana: Come on, have a muffin.
Sam: Nana…
Marc, Sam's dad, enters.
Marc: Hi, Mom. Ready for lunch?
Nana: Marc, sit down and have a nosh first.
ad infinitum…