June 25, 2008

San Ignacio is tiny, tiny little streets, crowded with signs advertising Coca-Cola and American Clothing and Bananas and Rice&Beans $5BZ. Everyone is friendly and we are called "miss" and "girls" "Taxi miss?" "This way, girls." "Hello, lady." and Spanish and English and Carribean Creole floats in the air. Taco vendors on the sidewalk or just out in the street. Very old cars. Mangoes and papayas and melons and fruits I've never heard of. Little cafes and little shops selling "Authentic Mayan Carvings" and signs everywhere, handpainted, come here, buy this, eat here, look at this and that, Motorbikes! See the Caves! Books and Internet and Laundry and there is water spilling down the gutters in the street.

It is hot.

Yesterday we hiked up the biggest hill in the town, to the site of the oldest Belizean Mayan ruins, Cahal Pech, dated around 300 BC. We wandered in and among the ruins, really not so ruinous, towering stone structures and plazas and ballcourts. We lay on an alter and imagined a sacrifice. We climbed as high as we could and whistled to the birds. Upon leaving we stopped at a shack for a glass-bottled Coke and wound up playing with two baby boys for close to an hour. Toy cars crashing, digging in the dirt, tickling, giggling.

In the afternoon we vistied an iguana sactuary and were there at just the right moment to see two ignuanas hatch from their eggs. They practically exploded out of their shells, launching themselves up and out, running on hind legs. And then we swam in a resort's pool and napped in the hammocks.

Today we drove up into the moutains and spent the day diving under waterfalls, clambering over rocks, plunging down natural waterslides, munching on fresh pinneapple. I am sunburnt and sleepy and ready for dinner.