November 30, 2009

~ * ~

My perfect late-spring day:

I wake up in the morning to warm breeze blowing in an open window, billowing white curtains inward. I hear laughing downstairs, and pots and pans, and there is the sound of a lawnmower outside and the scent of fresh-cut grass. I climb out of bed, put on a t-shirt and cut-off yoga pants, and go downstairs, where my whole household is up and about, the back door open, morning bustle, sunlight streaming in. I sit on the back deck while the dog explores the garden, and drink a tall glass of orange juice. Then I take a shower, get dressed, and greet friends as they come over for brunch. We make a giant scramble, and everybody helps with the chopping and dicing. We listen to Ella Fitzgerald or maybe The Weepies. We bring our plates onto the back deck, and laugh over a delicious breakfast, the sun slowly rising in the sky.

Then it's off to a hike with Sam and the pup, splashing through streams, romping over ferns, rolling in the grass, climbing trees and rocks. The dog is so happy, tongue lolling, eyes bright. Sam and I sing sea shanties and picnic on a large rock with a view of Mount Saint Helens. When we get home we all three cuddle up on the hammock outside and take a nap in the sunshine.

I wake up, stretch, wash my face, and head off to a play rehearsal. I try on someone else's shoes for a while, dive into scenes, play fantastical games of pretend. I love my castmates and we constantly make stupid jokes and chide one another and laugh a lot. On our breaks we sit on the back steps of the theatre, munching on carrots, watching dogs play in the park, and smelling the delicious scents of early evening barbecues.

I stop at Ben & Jerry's on the way home from rehearsal. The sun has just set, and it is warm but cooling. When I get home, more friends are there, playing music, singing, and making s'mores in the backyard. We play Taboo. We play Rock Band on the XBox. We end the evening all walking to Ladd's together, lying on the grass and looking at the stars, as someone gently strums a guitar.

It is late when we wander home, and many opt to crash at our house. I pull out all of our extra sheets and pillows and blankets and there is a person on every couch and several in each bed. In the morning, someone brews coffee and someone else goes to the co-op, surprising sleepy-morning-peoples with fresh Voo-Doo Donuts. People wake up slowly, one-by-one, and there is quiet conversation throughout. Someone is on the front porch, reading. Another person is on the back deck, enjoying his coffee. Everyone is overjoyed about the donuts. We breath in the morning together.

~ * ~

I do not like cards. I want to like cards, as playing cards is an excellent way to while away the time when the time needs to be whiled, but card games just do not hold my attention. If I were to play cards, I would probably opt for a rousing came of Mafia... but I don't know if that really counts as a card game...

I do a lot of circus stuff. As a teenager, my friend Christian and I started a company called Defining Gravity we went to kids' birthday parties and juggled for them, taught them how to juggle, played games, rode unicycles, etc. There was a brief foray into balloon animals, but I don't think I ever got further than an indiscriminate four-legged mammal. There was a kid at camp last summer who loved to make super-enormous super-ridiculous balloon hats, and so there was always at least one person walking around camp looking like an entire circus.

I need to be in motion when I hear music. I have a hard time not dancing if there is a good beat, or I hear a favorite song. I need to be in motion when I get into bed, as my body plays around with being horizontal. I need to be in motion in the late-morning. This helps me feel productive at the beginning of my days. I need to be in motion when I travel, adventuring every which way.

I need to be still when I am looking over landscapes. I need to be still when I am star-gazing. I need to be still in the middle of the night, right after I roll over and find the perfect cuddle.

I need to be in motion more than I need to be still.

~ * ~

My favorite berry is... this is hard... it's a tie between blueberry and raspberry. I think I will have to go with blueberry, because they're easier to find wild, and nothing beats picking berries off a bush and eating them right then and there. Also, I like sweet berries, and I feel like blueberries have a greater chance of being sweet than raspberries. But a good, sweet, raspberry, filled with water and bursting on my tongue? Divine.

I have indeed tried to lick my way to the center of a Tootsie Pop. I once kept a tally of how many licks it took to get to the center, and stored my lollipop in a plastic bag when my tongue got tired or I got impatient. It took several days, and in the end, I knew how many licks it took to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop. I kept the tally sheet in a Very Important Place, knowing that I would want to have this information forever. Sadly, though, this paper cannot be found. The mystery lives on.

I grew up in Amherst, New Hampshire, a quintessential New England town, and right in the center of town there is a little general store named Moulton's Market (the name was changed when new owners bought the market, but people kept calling it Moulton's... for about fifteen years... until it was bought again and its name was restored). Anyway, when I was a kid, if you unwrapped your Tootsie Pop and there was an illustration of an Indian (you know, Native American, but back then it was Indian)... if there was a picture of an Indian, you got to pick out another lollipop. The brown ones were my favorite. Orange and red are pretty good too.

Sitting in cars? It depends. If it's a sunny, crisp, Autumn day, a sun-warmed car sounds wonderful. There is nothing better than getting warmed by sunlight. I do not like sitting in hot cars when it is hot outside. Oof. Oppressive. Reminds me of my parents' car when I was a kid, a Toyota with leather seats, a great big boat of a thing. There was no AC and the backs of our legs would stick to the seats and the air was so, so heavy.

I go through phases with make-up. I often wear a little bit of eye make-up, but can't be bothered with anything else. I like subtle, light color, and think I look pretty when I wear make-up, but I don't care too much about it.

~ * ~

Now. Alone. Loving the aloneness the resiliency of being just me just here, master of every moment. I will crawl into bed soonly, and read a play, and sleep deeply.