February 20, 2009

OK, so the script will address the central questions of...

What is reality?
What is illusion?
What is the difference?
Who is really mad - those who see life as it is or as it should be?

It will do this through following the adventures of Donkey Xote and Sancho Pato (pato is duck in Spanish), adapted from the main adventures in Cervantes' book. Basically, Donkey Xote is old and withered and believes himself to be a knight errant. Though he manages to escape his stall, all of his adventures take place on the farm itself. The rest of the animals think the whole escapade is absurd, and tell him repeatedly that his is no knight (and that Sancho is just a duck, not a squire). The farmer and his family try to get Xote back into his stall (and perhaps succeed once or twice) but, after seeing that the donkey is out of his mind, the farmer decides to put the old beast out of his misery. The animals, getting word of this and wanting Xote to live, conspire adventures to bring the donkey in from the fields and back into his stall. When this finally happens and the animals are at last able to convince Xote that he is not a knight, the donkey becomes very placid, and the farmer decides to let the donkey live out his old age in peace. Xote, however, seeing the truth of the world, grows more and more frail, until he dies and enters the final dream world.

What do you think?