September 19, 2012

We spent the first half of the day on the beach (Meia Praia). Iím a pansy when it comes to getting into water, so it took me awhile to start swimming (come on, itís the AtlanticÖ itís even chilly in Portugal) but once I got used to the water, it was great. The area where we were swimming was protected by a sandbar, so it was very calm. Fun to bounce around in slow-motion.

We rented three lounge chairs and an umbrella made of reeds, so after swimming, I took a nice nap in the shade. The nap was followed by a delicious ocean-side meal of grilled swordfish.

Life is very good right now.

We drove into Lagos this afternoon to explore. The city is pretty touristy, but it was still fun to walk around the pedestrian mall and eat ice cream. My dad and I also stumbled upon a church with its own random little archeological museum, and we decided to pay it a visit. And Iím glad we did, because there were actually some pretty cool ancient artifacts on display (mostly hand tools from the Mesolithic age). Remember how I was super impressed that those Roman columns were from the first century? WELL THIS SHIT WAS EIGHT THOUSAND YEARS OLD. Remember how I was super impressed just now that those tools were eight thousand years old? Well, hominids have been on the Iberian Peninsula for over A MILLION YEARS. Iím not kidding. A million. A meeeeeeeeellion. Years. A million years.

Romans, you got nothiní on those early hominids.

We drove up to the tippy top of Monchique for dinner, with incredible views of the valley and the ocean. Piri Piri chicken, one per person. Like, a whole chicken. Good conversation. We totally geeked out on grammar. Why? Because my family is a bunch of nerds. But thatís why I love my family.

When we got home, the neighborhood dogs were all up in arms about something. I donít know what it was, but they were definitely barking messages to one another. One of the dogs who lives at our little guest house was running along the top of the wall to the street, barking and running and barking and running. He was very, very busy with something very, very important. I spent a while just watching him and smiling. I miss my guys at home.

Short entry today. Super sun-tired and sleepy.

Parent Quote of the Day:

My mom to my dad: ďItís my duty to make you a better person. But my God, itís so hard.Ē