October 4, 2012

Boy was I lucky this morning. Just as I was leaving the hostel to catch the bus to the airport, I thought, you know, I never had churros y chocolate in Barcelona. Too bad. And then, right there, a bakery! Advertising exactly what I wanted! Score! So I got my drinking chocolate and donut-things and walked to the PlaÁa Catalunya to catch my bus. And then, when I went to buy a ticket from the machine, there was an unclaimed ticket in the slot! So I put my money away, took the ticket, and the bus pulled right up next to me! I found a good seat, sat down, and then looked up at the sign that read: ďsolo Terminal 1Ē and I thought uh-oh, I didnít even check my departure info. So I looked up my itinerary on my phone and saw that I was indeed flying out of Terminal 1! I also saw that I had an email from a totally cool girl in Athens, offering to host me for my entire stay in a big apartment, where I would have my own bedroom and bathroom! And itís right on the main bus line! Duuuude.

(I have to interrupt my own entry by saying that I am currently listening to Tessí housemate talk on the phone, and I have no idea if sheís really angry or just having a regular conversationÖ Italian sure is spirited.)

Hokay. So. I said goodbye to Barcelona, boarded a plane, and landed in Rome a short time later. Rome! Iím in Rome! Iíve always wanted to go to Rome! Eeee! I couldnít help but walk through the terminal building with a big goofy smile on my face. As Iíve written before, I read quite a bit of fantasy and sci-fi when I was younger, and one of my favorite series was all about this Roman legion that somehow gets cosmically transported to this entirely different civilization in an entirely different universe. It was fantasy meets sci-fi meets Ancient Rome. And it was AWESOME. Those books were probably my first foray into Ancient Roman culture and history, and Iíve had an interest in it ever since. And Iím here! In Rome! Hooray!

I am currently staying with a wonderfully generous and generally wonderful girl named Tess, who grew up in Amherst, my tiny little hometown. Tess was a few years behind me in school, but we both did theatre, and we shared the stage in a production of West Side Story. Then, years later, Tess wound up being placed in a freshman dorm room with Samís sister Kate and they became good friends. Crazy. And thatís how we reconnected (via Facebook) and now here I am in Tessí apartment in Rome.

Tess lives close to the main train station, and her window looks right out onto 4th century Roman ruins. She is a singer/songwriter, speaks Italian, and is a TOUR GUIDE. So we spent the evening catching up and then going over maps and plans and such.

Lucky. Iím definitely feeling very lucky.

Tomorrow: ROME!