October 14, 2012

So my Couch Surfing host is amazing. Her name is Eleni and she has a Maltese puppy named Amica and she greeted me at the door with a warm smile and an ďI hope youíre hungry!Ē Over souvlaki, kababs, and salad, we chatted about Greece and Couch Surfing and our respective lives. Eleni has a no-nonsense disposition combined with an outpouring of generosity. When I mentioned that I was interested in taking a trip up to Delphi, for example, she said ďOK. This is what we will do. I will call them. In Greek itís better. And I will ask for a lower price. Always ask for a lower price.Ē

After lunch, Eleni showed me around her little apartment, which is very close to the city center. Iím on a couch, but itís a comfy couch and the puppy is ridiculously adorable and I can hear the sounds of the city from the balcony and I already feel at home.

After lunch, Eleni and I went to the base of the Acropolis (the Acropolis!) to meet up with some of her friends for coffee. Everyone was so nice (Aleca, Maria, and Christina), and we had a great time talking about traveling and Greece at a pretty open-air cafť. Eleni, Aleca, and I then walked to the Gazi district, which was alive and humming with countless bars, clubs, live music, and students.

And now Iím back in Eleniís apartment, making plans for tomorrow.

Hooray for Couch Surfing!