My mothers mothers sons wifes name was Fickin and when the family got round the thanksgiving hands holding he’d smile and say the ah, the whole Fickin family. My mothers mothers fathers name was Aloysius Raphael Ryan. In Ireland are the bricks laying about when his school fell down long after he came here. Or stone. And they went to an itty town and saw somebody old who sent them to somebody else old and somebody else and they wound up in a bitty place where they found Aloysius’ best buddy from before he went here and before the school fell away. The guy had a history book with Aloysius’ writing inside. My folks flew home and gave A the book and he cried. A and the guy wrote letters till they died. How’s that for a story.

Here’s another crazy. Kathleen Ryan up and got married to a kid named Jackie Barrett who moved boxes up on top of the General Foods building in Hoboken New Jersey at the time of before my mom was even born and they had a baby and called her another Kathleen and then Jackie was moving boxes on a windy day. The American Flag hit him off. It was windy Jackie was moving boxes up on top of the General Foods building in Hoboken New Jersey and the wind moved the flag right into Jackie which moved him right off the building into the air and then down to the ground. Jackie died. Before he died a man working across the street watched Jackie getting closer to the flag and the flag all aiming to push him off and he thought by god the flag is going to knock that kid right off his feet and when it did he called up the operator to tell what had happened. That guy was my dads godfather. They found this out at a wedding. And it’s another Irish story cause the Flag pushed Irish Jackie Barrett on St. Patrick’s Day. Huh.