Right out red and bawling, a little handful of see-through baby, Incubator Girl, princess of plexiglass and plastic tubing, cotton eyes taped gentle shut. Wedding rings loose off her shoulder alien one hand no bigger than the tip of his pinky, him wandering outside the hospital forgetting what is. Baby inside little baby chick under lights warm and yellow, everyone hushed all quiet cause there could be sad things here and sad things need quiet. He outside forgetting what is and where is until a man brings him back and he is remembering the new home of fluorescence all hushed and all quiet. Bitty veins blue on white, cotton eyes taped gentle shut. The pictures are hard to look at now.

Growing up she does not like to be held so much. Incubator Girl used to air around her skin. She even wipes off kisses after she gets them screwing her eyes up so tight saying ick when her mother does things like that. I am younger I sit on her I squish I tickle she says Get Off and pretends she knows karate. When we watch movies even the dog goes up on the couch family all snuggle popcorn but she sits sometimes on a different chair or on the other side of the dog.

For a while in the mornings she gets shot. She gets shot to make her taller. I try not to look. I am so much taller than her and I am younger which is probably unfair. She is my little sister.

The pictures lie about now cause they are wanting to remember sometimes wanting to show other people. The people always get so sick and sad even though she now has her own apartment and she is going to be a teacher. People sad at the bitty veins at the alien thing cause I bet they know how quiet it was then.

She says important it all is to know your own story of everything from the beginning. She wants her to know from right out red and bawling and up until everything. For her birthday she gives her letters from doctors and doctor reports and doctor cards and doctor charts and says here here is your story in this folder inside these pictures here are all the things you could never remember and since you are you you should know about everything, because itís yours, itís your story and your life that almost really really almost didnít happen Your life almost didnít happen she says, but it did and itís got a story and you should have it.