I am looking sideways out of my eyes at a boy wrapping his legs around a girl’s legs where nobody can see. I am watching her consciously touching his leg in abstraction, laughing to someone else. I am watching something very close going on between people who want to know each other so well that they can abstraction touch lightly whisper a pinky finger against a kneecap pretending to talk about other things to other people while they are being the people the lovers they want to be young and in love dating for only a day or two wanting to touch feet to be the people who touch feet and so doing the people they want to be. They are loud above the table. They are so much louder in the silence of under table. Bare of his feet squinch on the fuzz of her slippers. She claps and talks to someone and pretends to be talking to someone. Really she is listening to his squinching feet on her OH! she is rubbing his back above the table so out where so everyone can see. She is saying it out loud now.