Camp 2004

Special thanks to Nick Himmel, Bob Dicke, Jeff Greenberg, Mike Inwood, and Rick Price for taking a number of these photos. You guys rock.
Also, these are just the thumbnails, yo. Click on the first image to see the real thing, and you can just press "next next next" from there.
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sam and nick on their road trip to camp the buck's rock tree marie and duckie
the lsd crew rick, jen, and tom dog dog dog
jonah at glass blowing michal and david dengo ba
lsd's signature myq doing stand-up jeff playing "on my own" on the shofar
the gong the brits on diversity day laura
laura at the poetry slam zoey at the poetry slam anna at the poetry slam
pub love at the poetry slam the clown mobile bob's best flea market purchase ever
mickey with the pogo stick richy on the unicyle sammy at roundtop
the unburied dead chorus nick at the lathe the lighting and sound design crew
buck's rock forest guitar snack clown improv
mike, malorie, griffin, and sam at improv becca at improv gayle and rick at roundtop
rick and sam ethan kerry and own
zoey, gayle, and leigh kerry attempting to be trinity naomi
doug poor dylan watercolor
jill and sarah in the lampworking studio doug and julian in amadeus the clowns
bella and madeleine laundry carnival doug in amadeus
paige and owen the set design gang the theatre sillies
jim howe mac at the dance show david, anna, dan, laura, isaac, jill, and hammock
the titanic DSC00262 the 2003 mural, above the glass blowing studio
the pub shop marie, rick, lara, erica, and alex at staff works the gong
nora kerry's chair pubbies
rick and gayle sam's family's apartment in nyc sam, rick, kate, gayle, and nick with the squeezie thing
the camp sams the CITs on bastille day becca at the playwriting festival
karen and ian jill, emma, and laura emma and nick
the odd couple black comedy karen
rob, jellybean, and sonya long island corn field ivan and roger
the beach house backyard kerry on the beach long island
long island leslie, marc, and sam long island
the pubbies the maintenance crew beach house on long island
driveway to the beach house mickey, emily, dylan, and laura morris writing workshop
my hat richy dunham the pub tee-shirt
phillip, becca, and molly in is he dead the pub curse rick placing the first piece of the 2004 mural
madeleine and kerry fighting over twizzlers megan and gayle after the new milford 8 painting by kerry, oil on canvas
painting by kerry, oil on canvas painting by kerry, oil on canvas Bob
kerry working with a camper posted all over camp fairy bread
clown CITs nick, ale, and aly clown CITs
don't stop believin' zoey sam and kerry
nick and sam in crazy for you dan and julian in crazy for you crazy for you
crazy for you